New Year, New Campaign!

Sometimes opportunities come your way that you cannot help but be amazed by. I was asked by the Mayor of London's office at the end of last year to be a part of his gender equality campaign, celebrating the centenary in 2018 of the first women's votes. I felt extremely humbled to be asked and very proud of the video that launched on social media, just as we turned the corner between 2017 and 2018. Gender equality became a hot topic last year as a number of high profile cases appeared in the media across a variety of public and private sectors. I hope that this video highlights not an "us and them" attitude to gender but rather a collaboration towards common goals, equality, team work and visibility for all. This could also be applied to any minority grouping. Something I feel particularly strongly about is disability and the importance of value for disabled people and their contribution to society. 

As with most people, my 2017 has been filled with ups and downs both professionally, personally and privately. However, I hope we all move forwards with optimism, learning from past experiences and hoping to leave a positive impact on the world and each other.