Zoggs' Launch of Ecolast™ Swimwear Line

A very exciting day for me on Tuesday this week and another pinch me moment, when I witnessed the launch of Zoggs' Ecolast™ swimwear collection at their international conference in London. I have partnered with Zoggs now since 2016 as their Brand Ambassador, initially as an elite athlete but also now through to my retirement from competitive sport last year. My transition from elite sport has involved adapting to a new identity and rediscovering my passion for swimming in a different way. I have started swimming outdoors as a result, finding my passion again for the underwater world and connecting with why I started swimming in the first place - because I enjoy it and through my love of the Ocean. I remember whilst growing up in Egypt as a child, my first swimming experiences involved jumping into the beautiful vast blue of the Red Sea. I learnt to swim in Egypt as a 6 year old and my fascination with the underwater world and especially sharks, started during this time! The thrill of jumping into the sea and seeing nothing beneath me, I found completely exhilarating and still do. 

So, when Zoggs let me know that they were creating a sustainable swimwear line, made from yarn that is produced from discarded ghost fishing nets, old carpet and plastic debris recovered from the seas around Europe, I was so proud to be a part of their launch and supporting the Ecolast™ products. They are due to officially launch the products from July this year and Zoggs have made a pledge to reduce their packaging and increase the amount of their line that use this specially created yarn over the next few years. So, I decided to join their pledge and have said that I will only wear the Ecolast™ products from now on when I swim! There is something wonderfully poetic about swimming in the Ocean in a costume that is produced from recycled waste recovered from there. They also pledge to reinvest some of the profit back into the companies that retrieve the nets from the water. I was lucky enough to get to try one of the costumes the next day in my swimming session. They look good, feel good and do good! This is why I am hugely proud to continue to work with Zoggs as their Ambassador, as they continue to lead and pioneer the way in being a sustainable company with a higher purpose. Congratulations Zoggs on your forthcoming launch!