Davos: Disability, Identity and Inclusion. Nothing is impossible.

Next week I will attend my first Annual Meeting with the World Economic Forum. I am excited and honoured, to be named not only as a Young Global Leader with the Forum, but also as a Cultural Leader this year. In January 2018, I watched Davos online with great interest; following the discussions, insights, talks and updates. In 2019, I am attending and participating in some of the discussions around design, inclusion, innovation and education. This will be an opportunity for me to contribute further to disability advocacy work.

The Forum published an article I wrote for them about disability and identity, using my own personal story and insights of grappling with my own identity to share with their followers and to hopefully start a dialogue around defining a new “normal” or breaking free from the bounds of language and words. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it: